Imperial Body Art (208) 344-8287 2498 E Fairview Ave #102, Meridian, ID 83642 All inclusive safe space body art parlor Body Piercing, Tattoo, Jewelry Makeovers Treasure Valley, located in Meridian, ID
Photo of artwork hanging up in the piercing room at Imperial Body Art near The Village in Meridian, ID


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It was crazy how fast and efficient the process was, considering the entire staff was dressed like Gremlins. Yes, the furry suits and all. And it was glorious.KxnniFeb 5
I plan on driving for 4 hours just to get tattooed eventually! You won’t be disappointed in choosing Imperial—they’re incredible! Hayden LFeb 19
A lot of parlors are dark and uncomfortable but this is literally the furthest thing from that.McKinley LFeb 19
Imperial has been my go-to spot for 20 years... Over the years, I've watched the shop grow in diversity and inclusion.Amy MFeb 19
Don’t be fooled by the amazing aesthetic of Imperial Body Art—they prioritize guest satisfaction, cleanliness, and excellent customer service.Hayden LFeb 19
High quality work, easy going staff... Love Donna and Laura!Sarah AJun 19
I have gotten 2 tattoos by Donna and recently got a tragus piercing done by Kerri. Absolutely amazing, both of them.Ivy CDec 19
I respect how they follow the law to the fullest and that patient safety and knowledge is of utmost importance.Kellye SFeb 19

No Average Ink Parlour

Appointment Only

Most “body art” shops are just tattoo parlors with piercers showing up from time to time. At Imperial, we value all forms of body art and ensure that only the most talented artists help you actualize your vision. Alongside world-class piercing services, Imperial Body Art hosts high-end tattoo services. Donna (aka Stella Sin) has been tattooing since 2006, excelling in all styles, but specializing in ethereal, geometric, black and grey, and watercolor tattoos.

Check out Donna/Stella on Instagram for samples of her most recent work.

Donna is training an apprentice, Teryn, and they are currently offering apprentice-prices for smaller pieces. Check out Teryn’s work on instagram at @tatter_tot_teryn

We do not tattoo minors under any circumstances. You will need to provide valid ID the day of your appointment.

Photo of artwork hanging up in the piercing room at Imperial Body Art near The Village in Meridian, ID

Booking Process

Here's the general order of events when you get a tattoo at Imperial Body Art.

  • 1

    Get In Touch

    • Tell us who you are and if you’ve been tattooed before
    • Briefly describe what you want and where
  • 2

    Setting Appointment & Deposit

    • Back/forth via email refining your tattoo idea
    • Nail down an appointment time (generally 1-3 months out)
    • Pay deposit on tattoo (varies depending on tattoo)
    • Deposits are non refundable, and are applied to the cost of the tattoo when we do the work.
    • Failure to show up for your appointment, on time, will result in loss of your deposit. Rescheduling your appointment is permitted one time, with a minimum of 48 hours advance notice.
  • 3

    Appointment Day

    • Review completed artwork & make any tweaks on-the-spot
    • Get tattooed!
    • If you have an especially big piece, your appointment may be broken up into multiple sessions if it’s more than 6 hours of work
  • 4

    Wrapping Up

    • Review aftercare instructions
    • Go home and follow instructions to the letter
    • Enjoy your new art piece!

Be Aware:Look:Important:Hey:Attention:Actung:Notice: ID is required for all services at Imperial.More Info

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  • Photo of Donna at Imperial body Art in Treasure Valley, ID

    Stella Sin

    She/Herstella_sin_tattooTattoo Sorceress, 18 years tattoo experienceBook with Stella Sin

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    About Stella SinMeet Stella Sin, the tattoo sorceress of Imperial Body Art. She’s been wielding her magic wand (tattoo machine) since the beginning of time (2006) turning skin into vibrant canvases filled with rainbow dreams (she likes color tattoos). Proficient in every style imaginable(within reason), from watercolor wonders to geometric marvels and black and gray realism, she's the go-to guru for all things pop culture and nerdy (talk nerdy to me). Stella's tattoos are more than just ink—they're masterpieces that'll steal the spotlight wherever you go (prepare for the attention). Ready to turn your skin into a work of art? Slay. Book your appointment with Stella today and prepare for a tattoo journey filled with laughter, creativity, and a hint of sarcasm.

  • Teryn

    They/Themtatter_tot_terynTattoo Wizard in Training, 1 year tattoo experienceBook with Teryn

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    About TerynMeet Teryn, the tattoo wizard in training at Imperial Body Art. Despite only two years under their belt, Teryn's already mastered the art of infusing spooky cuteness into every tattoo they touch. When not perfecting their craft, you'll find Teryn hanging out with their orange furball, Grelle. So, if you're into the adorably eerie vibe, Teryn's your go-to ink wizard.

How long does it take for a tattoo to heal?

On average, to settle beneath the skin, a tattoo goes through a settling period, which can take anywhere from a month to two months, at which point, the tattoo will be fully healed under the skin.

How should I care for my new tattoo?

After three hours, remove the bandage and wash your tattoo gently with mild soap and warm water. Pat it dry and apply a thin layer of ointment. Don’t scratch it! It might itch as it heals, but that’s normal and means it’s doing well.

What should I avoid before my tattoo appointment?

Steer clear of alcohol, Ibuprofen, and Aspirin 24 hours prior. Also, skip sun exposure or tanning beds 2 weeks before and after. Get good rest, eat well, hydrate, and wear comfy clothes for a breezy session!

Do you take tattoo walk-ins?

Our apprentice tattoo artist, Teryn, will accept tattoo walk-ins at select times. Call us at (208) 344-8287 to see when Teryn has availability for walk-ins. Our head tattoo artist, Stella Sin, works by appointment only.

Should I reschedule my tattoo appointment if I’m sick/pregnant?

Yes, being sick can make the experience more uncomfortable for you and risk spreading germs to the artist. If pregnant, it’s best to wait until after giving birth to avoid unnecessary strain.

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

Yes, pain levels vary by person and location. Some consider numbing creams, but they may wear off during the process, increasing sensitivity.